Services and Fees

Casco Bay Literary Services handles book manuscripts (both fiction and nonfiction), book proposals, and occasionally other documents like scholarly articles or business reports. We welcome academic editing projects, but we don't ghostwrite books or papers for faculty or students.

We try to keep our rates in line with the rates for book editors and ghostwriters specified by sources like Writer's Market and the Editorial Freelancers Association. We determine rates on a project-by-project basis and are sometimes willing to negotiate. We also offer a discount to clients who use more than one of our services.

Rates for the editing and other services listed below are based on electronic files or hardcopies with standard formatting (double spaced, at least 12-point type, at least 1.25-inch margins on all sides, standard indents for new paragraphs, average per-page word count of 250 words).

Professional Book Editing

There are several types of editing; we'll determine the most appropriate type in consultation with you. Two of the most important options are developmental editing and copyediting.

Developmental Editing ($10-$50 per page)

Many books require developmental editing or substantive editing, which emphasizes content revision and reorganization to bring a book into line with agents' and publishers' standards and to make it more competitive with similar books. Almost any type of manuscript can benefit from developmental editing; to take a common example, academic authors often rely on it to help organize complex material in scholarly books or textbooks. A developmental edit is ideally done during the writing of the first draft, so that the developmental editor can get in on the planning stages of the book. But it's also often carried out at later stages, if a completed version of a manuscript needs major restructuring.

Copyediting or Line Editing ($6-$15 per page)

Almost all books benefit from basic editing--called copyediting and sometimes line editing. This level of editing addresses grammatical and spelling errors as well as other problems like stylistic awkwardness or lack of clarity. Fact-checking isn't usually part of a copyeditor's responsibilities, but a good copyeditor will also be on the lookout for obvious factual errors or inconsistencies.

Major Rewrites ($10,000 and up)

Some projects require actual rewriting, not just editing or critiquing. If you've already written a book but feel it needs an extensive overhaul, we can do the necessary rewriting. Contact us now to discuss the details.

Other Services

We also offer other services to fit your needs and budget. For some projects, for example, a manuscript evaluation or critique may be all you need; we provide evaluations or critiques of varying lengths and prices. We also offer some forms of ghostwriting. If you don't see the editorial service you're looking for listed above, contact us to discuss it.

Payment Options

For most jobs we require half the fee up front and half at the end, before we return the final electronic files or hardcopy to you. On lengthy projects, we may work out a payment plan where you give us an initial retainer to get the job started, then pay in monthly installments.

We accept personal checks, certified checks, and money orders (all must be in U.S. dollars). If you prefer to pay by credit card or bank transfer, you can use PayPal. To make a PayPal payment, click on the icon below.

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